The larger maxi skips are perfect for industrial, domestic and commercial applications. These skips are best designed to help people eliminate a large amount of scrap created on various sites. These skips are perfect for heavy materials and are generally utilized for entire home renovations, retail and office cleanups, various commercial waste elimination projects and large scale garden renovations.


Skip hire Wirral caters to various requirements of the people with different maxi skip sizes. The wide range of maxi skip sizes will be the best option for you whether you require a larger skip size for your large construction site, home, demolition works. We at Wirral skip hire provide five different maxi sizes to cater for your needs which are; 10-yard skip hire Wirral, 12-yard skip hire Wirral, 14-yard skip hire Wirral, 16-yard skip hire Wirral, 18-yard skip hire Wirral. These maxi skip sizes have more space to give you the best option of selecting a larger skip size for a large amount of scrap removal requirements.


Welcome to Wirral skip hire, with a conventional 10-yard skip hire size and easy online booking for a skip size, best for the extensive building renovation projects having 12 feet length, 6 feet height, and 6 feet width offers a volume of 110 trash bags. We offer a same-day delivery service to our customers to ensure their convenience. A 10-yard maxi skip is not for heavy trash materials. There are special skips for heavy waste elimination; instead, it is for bulky yet lightweight scraps; before getting a quote, mention your waste type to perfect skip according to your requirement.


With our trustworthy skip suppliers providing skips across Wirral to fit the needs of people, we guarantee our low-priced skips are the best in quality, and you surely will not be able to find such cheap skip services from any other company in the area. We deliver our skips at minimum prices, wait a minute, we further relax our clients by giving them an extra discount of £20. Our 10-yard maxi skip hire cost Wirral make us ideal for industrial, domestic and commercial trash removal needs and an ideal skip providing company.


To remove all the waste and scrap material that is meant for disposal, our 12-yard skip hire Wirral is the ideal choice. The 12-yard maxi skip size Wirral has the space equivalent to 130 black bin bags filled with trash with large dimensions of 6.5 x 6 x 13 (height x width x length). We give priority to our clients and provide them with the skips that are best in quality and work efficiently. Skip hire company Wirral offers professional assistance for getting skip permits if you do not have enough space on your property.


Skip hire Wirral offers cost-effective skip services to valued clients according to their requirements. We are an ideal skip providing company for providing the cheapest skip services in the area, and the budget-friendly skip prices with an additional budget relaxing opportunity of lowering the prices after a complete description of the location, duration, and waste type as these factors affect the skip prices. We do not compromise the skip quality and provide the best skips at low prices compared to other skip providing companies.


When it comes to skip services, we serve our customers with the best 14-yard skip hire Wirral services to provide them total peace of mind. If you need a skip with vast dimensions of 6.5 feet in height, 6.5 feet in width, and 13 feet in length, our 14-yard skip hire Wirral is the best option for you to remove your large trash materials. This could be the best option for you if you need to remove a considerable amount of construction bulky yet lightweight leftovers, as it can carry approximately 120 to 145 black bin bags loaded with scraps.


A 14-yard skip being the third-largest from the maxi skips category, is best for more important industrial, commercial and construction sites where a tremendous amount of trash is generated, and enough space is there to place this skip. The prices of skips hire often vary from location to location and depend on the waste type needed to be thrown into the skip. 14-yard skip size cost Wirral offered is the cheapest of all the other skip services providers in the area. So, you can freely hire a skip without any burden on your budget. We are focused on quality and timely skip providing services, keeping our prices less.


The forth-largest skip size is the most significant skip size of maxi skip categories best suited for larger industrial and commercial sites. Skip Hire Wirral offers a 16-yard skip size that is exceptional for removing a considerable amount of unwanted trash material and is designed in the best way to carry all types of waste material, including heavy and bulky scraps. This skip is mainly used for retail and office cleanouts and complete home refurbishments, commercial trash elimination projects and large scale garden clearouts. It has vast dimensions of 13.5 x 6.5 x 6 (length, height, width) with a heavy capacity of approximately 180 trash bags.


We offer our customers free comparison of skip services with other skip providing companies to ensure their 100% satisfaction. Skip hire Wirral provides its customers with unmatched skips in quality, prices and services. They can be lowered after getting a complete description of skip delivery location and hiring period with an additional £20 discount to run your monthly budget smoothly. Other skip hire companies offer costly skip services and burden the clients’ budget; we offer them cheap skip services with additional discount packages.


Customarily delineated as 13.5 long, 6.5 feet wide, and 7 feet high, the largest 18-yard skip hire Wirral can handle approximately 200 black bin bags. Commercial and industrial customers mostly hire these 18-yard skips to remove from construction and industrial sites to keep them clean. The primary goal of our 18-yard skip size is to make the waste management process easy and safe by removing heavy and hazardous waste. The 18-yard maxi skip size Wirral is the most durable and heavy-duty skip for various waste types. Get a skip from Skip hire company Wirral to smoothly run your business.


The cheapest rates offered by our budget-friendly skip services make us the first choice of customers for skip hire. We constantly check our competitors’ prices and service charges to provide our customers with excellent skip services at affordable prices that meet their requirements. We are determined to offer great skips and never be beaten on costs, so we provide skips in the best of quality and at the lowest possible prices. The 18-yard larger maxi skip hire Wirral offers more benefits for being more affordable and best in quality to bring them more convenience.

Maxi vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

While choosing a skip of your requirements, skip hire Wirral offers a clear difference between a maxi and builder skip so the clients may not get confused in their skip size selection. Maxi skips are further categorized into five different skip sizes; in contrast, builder skips have two different categories of skip sizes with a capacity of 90 plus trash bags, while maxi skips can hold approximately 200 bags of trash. The primary purpose of builder skips is to handle the waste of small building projects like carrying the debris of an entire home renovation. On the other hand, maxi skips are designed to hold the destruction of more extensive construction commercial and building sites.

Maxi vs RORO Skip Hire Comparison

Besides the RORO skips, maxi skips are the largest skips we offer at skip hire Wirral. These skips are provided by only a few skip providing companies as these skips are larger in size and provide more volume for trash to be thrown into them, as these skips offer space for heavy waste like furniture, soil, wood plastic and other waste types. RORO skips are the largest skips in the category of skip sizes; you can positively select our maxi skip Wirral if your waste removal needs are not more than 200 trash bags. RORO skips are ideal for large developmental projects.


Some benefits of Maxi Skip Hire are mentioned below;



Several trips to the dumps to dispose of the trash properly cause inconvenience to customers and cause spending unnecessary money for waste trips. But, hiring a skip bin will be enough for you to get your comfort back without spending more money on waste disposal.



Skip hire companies offer an eco-friendly way to dispose of the trash, as they transfer the waste accumulated in the skips to landfills or processing plants where the maximum of it is recycled, and the remaining is disposed of correctly. Licensed skip hire companies dispose of the trash in a proper ecological friendly manner.



It requires a lot of time to take multiple trips to landfills for disposing of the waste. The skip hire provides convenience to the clients as with skip services, and people do not need to dispose of the debris by themselves as skip providing companies professionals will do the task of disposing of the scrap carefully.



Wirral skip hire presents several skip categories for its clients, providing versatility in their skip sizes and tailoring customers’ exact needs. Maxi skip sizes ranging from 10 to 18-yards are categorized according to the waste capacity they handle. These versatile skip sizes are beneficial for various projects at commercial, industrial and construction sites.


Correct Debris Disposal

Skip hire from a reliable skip providing company is the only and best way to stay assured that your waste is eliminated professionally and adequately. Our licensed skip providing company professionally dispose of your trash and let your reputation stay undamaged.