The smallest skip sizes offered by different skip hire companies in Wirral are mini skips. We at skip hire Wirral have designed popular small-sized skips for domiciliary clients. These skips are the best choice for throwing out waste created from small garden renovations, small cleanups or small DIY projects.


If you search for an affordable skip to remove a small amount of scrap generated, two different skip sizes are offered by Wirral skip hire to meet clients’ requirements. These two skip categories are 2-yard skip hire Wirral and 3-yard skip hire Wirral. These skip sizes are best for holding 20 to 40 trash bags. These skips are best to put small organic waste, plastic, wood, metal, domestic waste and other waste materials like this. These mini skips are best for waste management fields at the commercial and household levels. You can easily place these skips at your property.


If you search for a small trash removal solution, a 2-yard skip hire size Wirral might be what you need. This mini skip generally has 4 feet wide x 3 feet high x 5 feet long dimensions; however, these dimensions vary between manufacturers and suppliers. If you need to refurbish your bathroom, kitchen or have other small-scaled renovation projects, you can freely hire a 2-yard skip size Wirral to eliminate small amounts of waste. Our 2-yard mini skip size Wirral plays a vital role in the waste elimination process without any hassle and saves you money and time.


Wirral skip hire is one of the best reliable, trusted and cost-effective skip providing companies. We go beyond the expectations to offer our clients budget-friendly skips. We are privileged to provide low-priced skip services to our clients and not put any strain on their wallets by offering them cheap skip services. An additional benefit of £20 on skip hiring is given to our valued clients so they might run their project smoothly without any hassle.


The largest in the mini skip category, a 3-yard skip size Wirral is enough for waste elimination projects where a small amount of trash is generated due to some cleanup or renovation. This skip bin can handle almost 30 to 40 trash sacks with slightly larger dimensions of 4 feet in width, 3 feet in height and 6 feet in length than a 2-yard skip size. You can place this conventional mini skip at your property if you have enough space to put it, eliminating the need for a local authority permit. 


The 3-yard skip hire cost Wirral is very low compared to other skip providing companies in Wirral. We assure you our quality skips are lower in cost than any other skip service provider in Wirral. We provide our customers with an extra discount of £20 to offer them a money-saving option for selecting our skip services. We fully understand our customers’ needs, so we offer our 3-yard skip hire Wirral at competent prices; you can compare our small prices with other skip-providing companies.

Mini vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison

While selecting an appropriate skip size, people mostly got confused about which skip size would better suit their needs. Skip Hire Wirral’s professional skip services present here a comparison of mini and midi skips to provide convenience to their clients and ease of selection. Mini skips are better for private land to make the property and environment tidy if there is enough space to put the skip. Midi skips being a bit larger take a bit more room to be kept. And offer more space for extra trash accumulating. Midi skips are a better option for medium-sized trash; in contrast, mini skips are for a minimum amount of waste generated.

Mini vs Builders Skip Hire Comparison

There is a significant difference between mini and builder skip hire services. Mini skips are meant for small amounts of waste produced as a result of little renovations; small cleanups, on the other hand, builder skips are designed for larger rooms renovations or other building projects like small homes refurbishments. The mini skips can not handle bulky waste materials because of less durability for accepting such trash types, while builder skips are best for carrying large and heavy waste materials. Both skips have a considerable difference in functionality, prices and waste holding capacity, which distinguishes both skips.


Some benefits of Mini Skip Hire are mentioned below;


Cheapest Skip Hire

The size of the skip greatly affects the prices of skip hire. Mini skip hire Wirral are the smallest skips available in the area, so these skips are available at the lowest prices at Wirral skip hire as we offer the most affordable skip services to our customers.



When you have many more things to do, time consumption and safety matter greatly. A mini skip keeps the trash at one place without getting more space, and with these mini skips, you do not need to be upset about carrying the waste by yourself to the landfills as the skip providing company will properly dispose of the trash.



If your site is filled with large amounts of waste, it can be hazardous for you and others. A mini skip is a way to keep dangerous material out of the way and contained and allow a simple approach while offering more space for all the trash to store and dispose of carefully.



We become more environmentally conscious when it comes to our trash elimination needs. Skip Hire Wirral dispose of all the trash material in an eco-friendly way. They primarily ascertain the methods for trash elimination and accumulation that do not harm the environment and make mini skips environmentally friendly.


Easy-Fit in Small Places

Mini skips are convenient to place anywhere at your property, making them a perfect fit for small places. So the clients can reduce their labor of going to skip bins as they can place these skips to the nearest point for their convenience. You will not require any council permit to keep these skips as they easily fit any property.